BArcelona Museum

Conceptual design of a museum located in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion; its minimalism, elegance and strong geometry are incorporated with extreme precision and care. Here, the site is located near another one of Barcelona's main attractions, Mercado de La Boqueria off the main street of La Rambla. To the right of the site is a university called Escola Massana.

This museum features an elegance of shape, material and light. It establishes the museum's presence on site by exhibiting unique material: concrete and wood. The entirety of the building is concrete with careful placements of glass. Light enters the building carefully with consideration for the durability of the exhibits and artwork. Floor heights determine the limitations of direct light throughout the day. The building incorporates a subtle disruption of its rectangular shape. This gesture is a deliberate preservation of the dominance and integrity that rightfully remains that of La Boqueria. The outdoor wooden deck is an extension of the courtyard formed by the market, the museum, and the university. It is a common space that leads to the lower level of the museum where temporary public exhibits are installed.